Cape York's Best Waterfalls

Fruit Bat Falls panorama

While Cape York may be most famous for its rugged 4WD tracks, the region is also home to an abundance of waterfalls that delight and amaze travellers who venture into North Queensland’s tropical wilderness.

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1. Isabella Falls

Just north of Cooktown is Battlecamp Road, which intersects with Isabella Creek and its creation, Isabella Falls. Travellers will know the falls are close when they ford the creek flowing over the road, which meets the single-tiered beauty of Isabella Falls. Perfect for a dip early in any journey up the Cape, Isabella Falls is a sign of things to come for those heading further north.

Isabella Falls Cape York

2. Dulhunty River

One of the Old Telegraph Track’s first water crossings is also home to an idyllic swimming area that’s emphasised by a small waterfall. A perfect spot to stop and enjoy the region’s tropical surrounds, the falls are a stone’s throw from the track itself and nearby the Dulhunty River bush camping area.

Dulhunty River swimming area

3. Fruit Bat Falls

A natural weir that channels Eliot Creek’s spring-fed flow, Fruit Bat Falls is one of the Old Telegraph Tracks most iconic sights. The broad, steady stream of water over the edge of the falls make for a perfect outdoor shower, which spreads out into a clear pool (called The Saucepan) for travellers to take some time out from the dust and rugged tracks of the OTT.

Fruit Bat Falls Cape York

4. Twin Falls

North of Fruit Bat Falls is Eliot Falls Camping Area, which is within walking distance to both the titular Eliot Falls and stunning Twin Falls. Twin Falls steps down from Eliot Creek to wash over and split into two distinct flows before settling in a pool at its base, making it one of the most photogenic attractions along the Old Telegraph Track.

Twin Falls Cape York

5. Eliot Falls

Upstream from Twin Falls is Eliot Falls, a cloistered beauty with a taller drop than the two waterfalls that precede it on the OTT. Parallel ledges of Mesozoic rock form the perfect basis for the fall’s steady stream, its flow gently churning the crystalline waters of Eliot Creek like a never-ending spa bath.

Eliot Falls Cape York
Eliot Falls reverse


6. Hidden Waterfall, Sam Creek

Less than 9km up the Old Telegraph Track from Eliot Falls is Sam Creek, one of the track’s many water crossings. Take a walk east of the Telegraph Track’s intersection with Sam Creek to discover this hidden delight, which is a single-tiered flow framed by trees and ferns rising up on either side of the falls. Take some time for a dip in the pool as you listen to the relaxing sound of this gem’s constant stream, the possibility of having the place all to yourself an encouraging motivator to seek out this hidden treasure.

Hidden waterfall Sam Creek