Conondale National Park - SE QLD

Posted on: 31/07/2014

Natural Features

Conondale National Park is part of the Conondale Range, which in itself is a section of the 3500km long Great Dividing Range. The park is predominantly made up of dense tropical rainforest that arcs into tall eucalypt forest in accordance with the rise and fall of the range, meaning spectacular scenery abounds.

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Water is a deciding feature of the park from the outset, with a river-stone creek crossing appearing almost immediately after entering Conondale from the Booloumba Creek Road entry. Booloumba Creek and Peters Creek flow through the park and intersect with the tracks occasionally, with Booloumba in particular a great visitor attraction for its beauty and accessibility.

Booloumba Creek is one of the main features of Conondale National Park
Booloumba Creek is a thin ribbon of crystalline water that winds through Conondale National Park. On the opposite bank is Booloumba Creek Camping Area 3.

Four-Wheel Driving and Activities

The tracks throughout Conondale require high clearance and low range now and then to deal with the undulating nature of the Conondale Range, and are generally in good condition. Any difficulties in dry conditions come from the tracks’ winding, narrow and occasionally steep nature, and in the wet any of the tracks can become vastly more challenging. The sights along the tracks are often spectacular, whether it’s deep overhanging rainforest or an open view of the surrounding mountain range.

Booloumba Creek and Peters Creek flow through Conondale National Park and intersect with the tracks occasionally

Walking is popular in Conondale National Park both because of the points of interest available and the wide range of difficulty levels. Take a couple of hours to walk to an old gold mine from the 1920s, reach the Strangler Cairn sculpture or take half a day to walk to and spend some time at the serene Booloumba Falls or Artists Cascades. For hikers, the impressive Conondale Range Great Walk spans 56km and requires at least three days to complete, with designated walkers camps interspersed along this often-remote route.

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A 4WD is required to reach any of Conondale’s day use or camping areas, each named Booloumba Creek and numbered sequentially. Camping in Conondale is part of its appeal, with spacious grassy areas and unsurprising proximity to stunning Booloumba Creek. The creek itself may vary in depth and flow, but its electric blue waters and perfect clarity make it a sublime sight at any time, with colourful river stones covering the bottom and fish nibbling at your feet the moment you stand still. Booloumba Creek Camping Area 4 is the only one accessible for caravans, camper trailers and motorhomes, while Booloumba Creek Camping Area 2 is for day use only.


LOCATION: 130km north of Brisbane

BEST TIME OF YEAR: All year round, though it can become cold in winter.

CAMPING: Booloumba Creek Camping Areas

A map of Conondale National Park for touring throughout the region