Hema Announces HN7: Australia's Most Powerful Touring Machine

Posted on: 07/03/2014

The Hema Navigator HN7 packages Australia’s most trusted touring and off-road navigation inside a 7-inch finger touch screen.

On and off-road navigation, over 6000 Camps Australia Wide points of interest (POI) and new Camps Snaps site photos maximise a large 7-inch display, with the HN7’s finger touch screen meaning there’s no need for a stylus.

“The HN7 combines Hema’s 30 years of dedication to mapping excellence with the accuracy and detail of Camps Australia Wide points of interest, all on a large 7-inch finger touch screen,” said Graeme Ashton, GPS Product Manager. “The end result is a travel companion that will empower explorers to go wherever their dreams may take them.”

The HN7 features a 7-inch display with finger touch screen that makes exploring easier and navigating a pleasure. Taking advantage of the HN7’s extra functionality are Camps Snaps site photos, Camps Australia Wide POI and 4WD navigation that’s optimised to be finger friendly.

HN7 users can see the campsites and caravan parks they’re travelling to before they even get there with Camps Snaps site photos, which delivers over 2300 photos of free or low-cost sites to help explorers find their perfect destination. Complementing the Camps Snaps site photos are over 6000 Camps Australia Wide POI, including free camps, rest areas, remote caravan parks, dump points and more. The HN7 makes it easy to discover the most important things about any site too, with additional facility icons, road comments, contact phone numbers and detailed descriptions for each site.

4WD navigation is simpler than ever using the HN7, with EziOzi optimised for the HN7’s 7-inch finger touch screen. Larger menu screens, keyboards and buttons make OziExplorer for HN7 cleaner and more user-friendly, without compromising on its unparalleled functionality.

The Hema Navigator remains the only GPS navigation system with the complete Hema digital map collection preloaded, ensuring explorers get the most accurate and detailed mapping possible for out-of-the-way and remote areas. Backed by Hema Maps’s unique mapping and updating process, the HN7 delivers confident navigation in the places it’s needed most.

Completing the HN7 is street navigation for driving around town, with turn-by-turn navigation from iGO Primo that is powered by the latest HERE mapping. Intelligent features like speed camera alerts, multi-point routing and speed warnings simplify street driving, making the HN7 the most complete on and off-road GPS navigation system in Australia.

The Hema Navigator HN7 will be available before the end of March for RRP $699.

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Hema Maps is a family owned company that has been in business since 1983. Specialising in 4WD navigation for Australia’s remote regions, Hema Maps crafts paper maps, guidebooks, atlases, personal navigation devices and mobile applications to guide adventures off the beaten track. The company has been the most trusted source of off-road navigation in Australia for many years, serving the growing 4WD and touring industries with maps and navigation solutions that are renowned for their unmatched accuracy and detail.