Hema Explorer App Point of Interest Update

Posted on: 13/02/2015

The release combines countless hours of research and fixes for user-reported errors to create an up-to-date POI list featuring accommodation, supply and information points, services and facilities relevant to travellers looking to discover Australia.

The new POI set features more accommodation and rest area listings close to main tourist routes, giving travellers more stopover options in the places they’re likely to be travelling through.

Thorough research has taken place to also improve POI contact information including addresses, phone numbers, websites and email addresses, making it easier to plan stops in advance with confidence.

The new POI data set will download when a Hema Explorer user opens the app on their mobile device, meaning a new version of Hema Explorer does not need to be downloaded in order to upgrade to the latest POI release. To avoid incurring unwanted data costs, download the latest POI set while in a secure WiFi connected area.

Hema Explorer is the interactive GPS navigation app for touring, four-wheel driving and camping across Australia, featuring reliable Hema base maps, interactive POI and intuitive features for planning, recording and sharing your adventures.