Hema Maps Releases Hema Explorer Version 2.0 for iOS

Posted on: 31/10/2014

Hema Explorer is the interactive GPS navigation app for guiding camping, touring and off-road adventures throughout Australia

Hema Explorer is the interactive GPS navigation app for camping, four-wheel driving and touring throughout Australia, with Version 2.0 of the app the most exciting development since its release last year.

Hema Explorer Version 2.0 boasts a powerful new mapping engine that greatly improves the speed and responsiveness of the app’s basic functions. Scrolling and zooming are faster than ever before, giving explorers a more intuitive user experience for planning and navigating trips on iPhone, iPad or iPad Mini using Hema Explorer.

“The new map engine has made the app more responsive, meaning the mapping gets drawn much faster when you scroll or zoom,” said Robert Taylor, one of Hema’s digital product developers. “This also applies to whatever else is onscreen, including tracks you’ve recorded or the 40,000 Australia-wide points of interest bundled with Hema Explorer.”

In addition to the new map engine, Hema Explorer Version 2.0 includes other significant improvements that culminate in a faster, more user-friendly app:

- Compatible with iOS 8

- A new route-maker simplifies trip plotting

- Improved recording controls for when you want to save your track

- Tap saved tracks and routes on the map to show details

- Attach photos to tracks from Camera Roll (including high-resolution images imported to your device)

For the full list of improvements visit Hema Explorer on the App Store. Hema Explorer Version 2.0 is available for $34.99 or as a free download for current users of the app.

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