Hema Maps Releases Hema Explorer Version 1.5 for Android

Posted on: 30/09/2014

Hema Explorer is the interactive GPS navigation app for touring, four-wheel driving and camping

Hema Explorer’s map engine has been updated, improving the speed at which maps, points of interest and anything else onscreen is drawn. This increased responsiveness makes basic functions like scrolling and zooming more intuitive for app users planning or navigating their adventures on an Android smartphone or tablet.

Additionally, version 1.5 of Hema Explorer gives users the option to store map content on an inserted SD card. For device’s that have both internal and expandable memory options, the new update can free up fixed internal storage space (which is often taken up by data that can’t be moved) by allowing users to keep the largest part of Hema Explorer, the maps, on their expandable storage space that’s inserted into their device.

The new version of Hema Explorer contains other changes and improvements to the app that make it more reliable and intuitive:

- Improved download speed / handling

- Fixes for several minor crashes

- Fix to data synchronisation process improves reliability

- Improvements to logging facilities

For the full list of improvements visit Hema Explorer on Google Play. Hema Explorer Version 1.5 is available from Google Play for $34.99 or as a free download for current users of the app.

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