Updating to Hema Explorer Version 3.0

Posted on: 11/12/2016
Due to changes in our licensing agreements for third-party map content in our Hema Explorer app, all users running versions earlier than v3.0 are encouraged to install the free update to the latest version to continue to use HERE map sources within their version of Hema Explorer.

Version 3.0 of Hema Explorer retains the same functions and content as previous versions, while also delivering 1.2 million kilometres of 4WD tracks and outback roads in the form of the new multi-scale Hema Explorer Map, in addition to a new route generator and other improvements.

The new Hema Explorer Map features more detail, more topographic information, more road data, more track data, a more readable cartographic style and a new multi-scale interface that improves on previous versions of Hema Explorer both in terms of raw data and ease of use. Meanwhile, the new Quick Routing tool enables you to automatically generate route lines to places for navigation purposes. These major improvements are the bulk of what's new in Hema Explorer Version 3.0, giving you a more detailed and intuitive off-road navigation tool for exploring Australia.

Why do I need to update?

Hema Explorer utilises a variety of maps and navigation content, some of which are third-parties. When our licensing for a third-party source is required to change for a particular reason, this can affect users of superseded versions of the app. In this case, the latest versions of Hema Explorer (v3.0 and above) need to access all HERE data (including routing data and HERE map sources) using the superior HERE SDK, while previous versions used the HERE API to access HERE map sources.

Since the launch of Hema Explorer v3.0 in July, the transition from the HERE API to the HERE SDK has been ongoing, allowing for the overlapping use of the HERE API and the newer SDK across different versions of the app in the meantime. Our licensing for HERE map sources will officially transition from the HERE API to the superior HERE SDK on December 31st, meaning versions of Hema Explorer below v3.0 will need to update to the latest version to access HERE map sources after this date (31/12/16).  

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What will happen if I don't update?

App users who do not update and own versions below v3.0 after December 31st will retain all other functions of their app, however since Hema will no longer have access to the HERE API after this date, these users will no longer be able to access HERE Street, HERE Terrain and HERE Satellite Imagery map sources in their app.

By updating to the latest version of Hema Explorer, you will be able to continue to access HERE map sources, download HERE Street and Terrain for offline use, while also getting new HERE routing data to generate route lines to addresses and points of interest in the app.

What app updates are coming next?

After pushing out minor updates to fix routine issues experienced in previous versions, our development team is now working hard on a larger scale update to the Hema Explorer app. This will include improvements to the app's content and functionality, with the aim of making Hema Explorer both simpler and more powerful for off-road navigation.