What's New In Hema Explorer Version 3.0

Posted on: 16/08/2016

Hema Explorer Australia 4WD Maps and Off-Road Navigation

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Version 3.0 is the biggest update to the Hema Explorer app since its original release, with users benefiting from a raft of improvements to the app in comparison to previous iterations.

1. Better mapping

Hema Explorer Version 3.0 features the new Hema Explorer Map, an award-winning, multi-scale map that delivers seamless topographic mapping from an Australia-wide scale of 1:18Million to a track-level view of 1:150k.

Previous versions of Hema Explorer included two single-scale base maps: the Hema 1:1Million Touring Map (scale 1:1,000,000) and the Topo 250k Map (scale 1:250k). Hema Explorer Version 3.0 replaced those single-scale base maps with the new multi-scale Hema Explorer Map (scale 1:18M – 1:150k). With multi-scale mapping and a larger maximum scale, the Hema Explorer Map delivers more detailed mapping than previous versions of Hema Explorer, while making panning and zooming around Australia more intuitive.

The Hema Explorer Map puts 690,000km of 4WD tracks and 540,000km of outback roads on your mobile device, which is backed by 20 years of field data that has been captured, updated and expanded by our Map Patrol expedition teams. This massive amount of track data, in combination with topographic attributes such as contour lines, relief shading, detailed hydrographic data, geographic features and more, makes the Hema Explorer Map Australia’s best topographic mapping - and a vast improvement on previous versions of Hema Explorer:

Comparing the Topo 250k Map to the Hema Explorer Map

Comparing the Topo 250k Map to the Hema Explorer Map

2. A route generator

The new version of Hema Explorer is the first to include a route generator, called Quick Routing. Quick Routing allows you to create and save route lines to a specific address or one of the app’s preloaded points of interest (campsites, caravan parks, rest areas, public toilets, dump points etc), and you can customise your route to avoid tolls, ferries and change other travel options.

Demonstrating a point-by-point route on Hema Explorer

Previous versions of the app allowed you to plot point-to-point routes to manually mark out a route and to measure distances. Hema Explorer Version 3.0 retains this handy function, while adding the smarter routing capabilities offered by Quick Routing, allowing you to plan and navigate your adventures by generating and saving routes to use offline.

Demonstrating a Quick Route on Hema Explorer

3. Get more maps and functions

In addition to the free improvements that arrived with Hema Explorer Version 3.0, the new version also offers an additional subscription service for even more detailed mapping and extra functionality: Explorer Pro. Available for $9.99 a month or $59.99 a year, Explorer Pro unlocks more detailed map layers of the Hema Explorer Map (1:150k – 1:9k), state government topographic maps (QLD, NSW, VIC, TAS, SA), additional map sources and premium Hema Explorer Cloud features for planning, navigating and sharing trips.

Everything included in Explorer Pro is new to the Hema Explorer app, giving serious adventurers a new avenue for accessing more detailed map sources and added functionality. Most excitingly for Explorer Pro users, this includes the most detailed map layers of the Hema Explorer Map. This allows you to zoom past the app-standard max scale of 1:150k to an unprecedented topographic scale of 1:9k, Australia-wide. These additional Hema Explorer Map layers include added information for precise off-road navigation: symbolised track classifications, 10m contour lines and more detailed hydrographic data. With extra maps and tools to be added to Explorer Pro as they become available, an Explorer Pro subscription is the premium tool for serious explorers.

NOTE: Hema Explorer no longer allows users the ability to download HERE satellite imagery mapping for offline. This is due to current licensing agreements, however we are working hard to resolve this and to reinstate bulk downloading for satellite imagery mapping as soon as we can.

Hema Explorer is available now from the Google Play Store and the App Store for $49.99. Delivering Australia’s best topographic mapping, 40,000 points of interest and tools for planning, navigating and sharing your adventures, Hema Explorer is the ultimate GPS navigation app for four-wheel driving, camping and touring across Australia.