Trip Reports

Stories from the road less travelled
  • A Week in Cape Leveque

    Posted on: 17/10/16

    Red outback track and blue ocean at Kooljaman in Cape Leveque

    North of Broome in Western Australia is the northernmost tip of the Dampier Peninsula: Cape Leveque. Our Map Patrol delved into this stunning region on their latest Kimberley expedition, and captured some photos that show why Cape Leveque is known as the place 'where the desert meets the sea'.

  • White Water in the Kimberley

    Posted on: 25/09/16

    Heading down the Hann River in the Kimberley

    The Kimberley is defined by its network of gorges and waterways, so to get to the heart of this wild frontier, Mike Collister took to the water on a 14-day kayaking adventure.

  • Driving to Hell in South Africa

    Posted on: 24/05/16
    baviaanskloofAfter spending more than a year exploring Australia’s most remote places in their trusty Troopy, adventure travellers Reen and Helga packed up their things and headed off to explore a continent even wilder than Australia: Africa.
  • Ian Glover in Cape York

    Posted on: 04/02/16

    LandCruiser 200 in Cape York Map Patrol

    After spending six weeks exploring Cape York to update our atlas and guide for the region, automotive journalist Ian Glover ruminates on how the Cape is constantly changing while somehow retaining its wild appeal.

  • The Last Car Through the Gibb River Road

    Posted on: 12/01/16

    The last car through the Gibb River Road

    With the Kimberley in front of them and the Wet Season hot on their heels, Reen and Helga decided to try their luck and test their mettle as the last car through the revered Gibb River Road.