4WD Maps App

Hema Australia Offline Map Collection

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Navigate offline with Hema 4WD and touring maps on your iPhone or iPad using our 4WD Maps app.

4wd maps app

Drop Waypoints - by tapping the Add Mark button on the Menu Bar while on the main page. From here it's simple to move, rename and edit the waypoint.

Plan routes - by creating a waypoint with the Add Mark button, tapping the blue arrow handle attached to the waypoint, then selecting Create Route. After this point, each tap on the map will draw a line between the last point and the newest one.

Placename search - tap the magnifying glass Find Place button, then proceed to type in the town or locality name you’re searching for. By tapping on the result the app will automatically redirect the map to the selected location.

Plan your next adventure without hassle, dropping waypoints and plotting routes with the touch of a finger. All waypoints and routes can be edited and renamed for your convenience, so you can plan your next move at home before your trip, or in front of the camp fire before tomorrow's adventure.

4wd maps app

Find your location - by tapping the central icon on the Menu Bar, known as the GPS Lock Button.

Track in real time - by tapping the Flip Page arrow on the Menu Bar to reach the Flipside page, then tapping Start Logging.

Australia-wide map coverage - with 110 readily accessible Hema field-checked 4WD maps. Simply tap the Maps folder icon on the Menu Bar, then More Maps, then All Maps On Device to access the full list.

Navigate off-road with ease, tracking your location* and showing where you've been without the need for mobile coverage. Create tracklogs of your adventure on a moving map display, all on 105 preloaded Hema regional 4WD maps that are each field-checked to ensure accurate navigation exactly when it counts.

*You do not need a SIM Card installed or cellular coverage to utilise the GPS tracking functions on iPad for the app, though a WiFi+Cellular iPad is necessary to discover and track your location. A WiFi-only iPad does not contain the in-built GPS that a WiFi+Cellular iPad does, however external Bluetooth GPS receivers can be purchased for use with a WiFi-only iPad.

4wd maps app

Record your trips - by tapping the Flip Page arrow when you have completed your tracklog then tapping Stop Logging.

Save tracks with information - by tapping the Flip Page arrow then selecting the Tracks icon to reach your list of saved Tracks, Routes and Marks. Press the item you wish to edit, then you have the option to Name, write Notes on or alter the way it appears on the map.

Share tracklogs & waypoints - by accessing the Flipside page then selecting the Tracks icon. Press the item you want to send, and then choose the Email option.

After you're home and hosed or while you're still out on the track, it's easy to share your tracklog and waypoints with your mates. Got a great camping or fishing spot you want to share? Or do you want some quality proof that you actually did make it to The Tip? Simply send it from your device in an email.

4wd maps app

Simple zooming - the map will automatically roll-over to a more detailed map when you tap the Zoom In button, or a less detailed regional overview map when you tap the Zoom Out button.

Whether you’re planning beforehand or navigating in real-time, different situations require different maps. For regional overview you can zoom out to the many preloaded Base Maps, including state maps or the Australia 1:1,000,000 Touring Map. On the other hand, for more detail you can zoom in to the appropriate Regional Map or the Australia 1:250,000 Topo Map. With 77 field-checked 4WD maps preloaded, there will be a map for you no matter where you are off the blacktop.

4wd maps app

Download more maps - create a Memory-Map account on the Memory-Map website then open 4WD Maps. Scroll the map page to the area you’re interested in, tap the Maps folder icon, then More Maps, then Digital Map Shop. Sign in, then a list will appear of all the available maps. Tap the map you want to download and wait for it to load on the map page.

Download additional topo maps on your device from the Digital Map Shop. Quickly find the map you’re looking for and download it immediately for more specific purposes than off-road touring.