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Hema Navigation App Comparison

Hema Explorer and 4WD Maps are Hema's two GPS navigation apps for exploring Australia, each with their own unique features and functions for guiding adventures.

Infographic comparing Hema off-road navigation apps

Hema Explorer

Hema Explorer is an offline GPS navigation app for planning, recording and sharing trips.

Designed for outdoor adventure, Hema Explorer has numerous features including multi-scale topographic mapping, an online route generator and interactive points of interest for camping and touring. Hema Explorer allows users to record trips and upload them directly to their personal Hema Explorer Cloud account, which can then be shared with other app users on the Hema Explorer Cloud website. Hema Explorer users can also add on an Explorer Pro subscription to unlock more detailed topographic mapping and additional features within their Hema Explorer Cloud account.

4WD Maps

4WD Maps delivers users an offline library of Hema maps for basic navigation and trip recording.

Now  available for ios and Android, 4WD Maps comes preloaded with 105 individual base maps, state maps & regional maps (as optional download for ios only). Users can plan and record their trips using waypoints, point-to-point routes and breadcrumb trails within a simple user-interface. 


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Hema Explorer

4WD Maps
Platform iOS and Android iOS and Android


Maps Hema Explorer Map (Australia-wide multi-scale topographic mapping):
- Standard 1:150k max scale
- Explorer Pro 1:9k max scale

Additional Hema legacy maps: Cape York, Fraser Island, High Country Victoria, Kimberley, Great Desert Tracks, Hema 1:250k Topo, Hema 1:1Million Road 

HERE Street mapping
HERE Terrain mapping
HERE Satellite/Aerial Imagery mapping (not available for offline download)

Australia Key Map

Auto Routine

Online Sync and Backup

Hema 1:250K Topo

Hema Explorer Maps 

Hema State Maps & Regional Maps (optional download for ios only)

Hema national park maps


- Generate routes to addresses and POI online with Quick Routing

- Manually create point-by-point-routes

Manually create point-by-point routes
In-App Purchases ($) Explorer Pro ($9.99 p/month or $49.99 p/year) $99.99


Interactive camping and touring Points of Interest (POI) Yes No
Placename search Yes Yes

Trip Recording

GPS Location Tracking Yes Yes
Breadcrumb trail track recording Yes Yes
Create, name and edit waypoints Yes Yes
Navigation statistics Yes Yes
Geo-tagged photos Yes No

Trip Sharing

Email track data (gpx) Yes Yes
Hema Explorer Cloud account Yes No
Facebook and Twitter sharing Yes No

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