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Hema Digital Product Comparison

Compare our Hema Navigator HN7 to our Hema Explorer app and 4WD Maps app.

Which Hema digital navigation tool is right for you? Here's our handy comparison of the Hema Navigator HN7 and our mobile apps, Hema Explorer and 4WD Maps.

 Maps & Navigation

The HN7 comes preloaded with 110 Hema base maps, state maps, regional maps and national park maps for getting off-road using 4WD Nav. It also features Street Nav with turn-by-turn directions and intelligent routing for navigating throughout Australia (and New Zealand), making it a comprehensive all-in-one navigation solution for both four-wheel drivers and tourers.

Hema Explorer Australia gives users access to the Hema Explorer Map: an Australia-wide, multi-scale topographic map that contains our entire database of roads and 4WD tracks. The standard app zooms to a scale of 1:150k, while users who upgrade to Explorer Pro can zoom to a highly detailed topographic scale of 1:9k. Explorer Pro also offers users access to additional state topographic maps for New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania and Victoria. Aerial imagery (not available to download offline) and street mapping is also accessible within Hema Explorer, and users can generate a route to or from a specific address, waypoint or point of interest using Quick Routing.

4WD Maps comes preloaded with 105 Hema base maps, state maps, regional maps and national park maps, including all of Hema’s best-known print titles.

Hema Navigator HN7
Hema Explorer app icon
Hema Explorer App

4WD Maps App
Hema maps

110 base, state, regional and national park maps

Hema Explorer 150k Map

Hema Explorer Map (Australia-wide multi-scale topographic mapping):
Standard 1:150k max scale
Explorer Pro 1:9k max scale

Additional Hema legacy maps: Cape York, Fraser Island, High Country Victoria, Kimberley, Great Desert Tracks, Hema 1:250k Topo, Hema 1:1Million Road

Australia Key Map
Hema 1:250K Topo
Hema 1:1Million Road
Hema state maps
Hema regional maps
Hema national park maps

View the full list of maps on the App Store
Other maps OziExplorer format maps

HERE Street mapping
HERE Terrain mapping
HERE Satellite/Aerial Imagery mapping

Additional maps available with a monthly or yearly Explorer Pro subscription:

Hema Explorer Map max scale 1:9k

State government topographic maps for NSW, QLD, TAS, SA, VIC

Additional maps available for purchase through the Memory Map Digital Shop
Routing iGo Street Navigation Generate routes to addresses and Hema POI using Quick Routing  
Turn-By-Turn Voice Guidance Yes No No
Updates 2 years of free street map updates
Online 4WD map update available
Free updates through the App Store or Google Play Free updates through the App Store


The HN7 utilises a 7-inch high-resolution screen that is easy on the eye, which is coupled with a German-engineered mount that can be applied to the windscreen or dashboard (requires optional adaptor disk) for best viewing. Additionally, the HN7 is reverse camera capable for those who want vision of what’s behind them when their vehicle’s backing up.

Mobile applications are unique because they can be installed on hardware you probably already own: smartphones and tablets. Hema Explorer is available for both Android and iOS devices, which range from a 3.5-inch iPhone 4 to a 13-inch tablet, with each screen size offering varying resolutions and processing power behind them. On the other hand, 4WD Maps is available for iOS devices only, meaning it’s compatible with any iPhone, iPad* or iPad Mini running iOS 6.0 or later.

There are numerous mounting options available for both Android and iOS phones and tablets for hands-free viewing, with RAM Mounts becoming popular for their heavy-duty mounting solutions that can withstand the rigours of the Australian Outback. 

*Apple’s range of WiFi-only iPads and iPad Minis do not include an in-built GPS receiver, though WiFi+Cellular models do. Most Android tablets and almost all smartphones have in-built GPS receivers, though ensure you do your research before purchasing. External Bluetooth GPS receivers can be purchased for use with devices that don’t have their own in-built GPS receiver.


The HN7 comes with over 6000 richly detailed Camps Australia Wide points of interest (POI) covering free and low cost campsites, caravan parks, dump points and much more, not to mention more than 2300 site photos to help you investigate potential destinations before you even get there. In addition to these POI, the HN7 also includes POI supplied by HERE™ for driving around town, which can be accessed alongside the Camps Australia Wide POI in street navigation mode.

Hema Explorer comes bundled with over 40,000 POI for touring that cover everything from campsites and rest areas to lookouts and 24-hour fuel across Australia. All POI are interactive, so simply tapping one brings up its relevant facility and activity information in addition to contact details where available. Hema Explorer also gives users access to map overlaid rain radar imagery and detailed weather forecasts.

4WD Maps contains no additional POI content other than the standard points marked on Hema regional and touring maps: camping and rest areas, touring points of interest, 24-hour fuel, supply points and more.

Hema Navigator HN7
Hema Explorer app icon
Hema Explorer App

4WD Maps App
Camps Australia Wide POI Yes No No
Camps Australia Wide site images Yes No No
Hema interactive POI No Yes No
HERE™ street POI Yes No No
Online Weather Forecasts & Rain Radar No Yes No
Placename search Named locations & Geographical features Named locations & Geographical features Towns & Localities

Trip Recording

The HN7, Hema Explorer and 4WD Maps can all capture breadcrumb trail track logs to show the route taken, and all three have a waypoint tool to mark places of importance. HN7 users can export their track data to a PC, while 4WD Maps users can email track logs, waypoints and point-to-point routes directly from their mobile device.

Hema Explorer takes trip recording a step further with its ability to take geotagged photos and attach them to the current track. Hema Explorer can then sync a user’s trip data to their personal Hema Explorer Cloud account, backing up the data for it to be shared later or viewed as a 3D slideshow on the Hema Explorer Cloud website.

Trip Recording
Hema Navigator HN7
Hema Explorer app icon
Hema Explorer App

4WD Maps App
Breadcrumb trail track recording Yes Yes Yes
Create, name & edit waypoints Yes Yes Yes
Take geotagged photos No Yes No


Before you start using Hema’s digital navigation products out in the field, it’s important to follow the necessary setup steps so you get the best possible navigation experience from the very beginning.

Hema Navigation Tool Setup Guide

Hema Navigator HN7
  1. Charge it fully before using it straight out of the box
  2. Register your HN7 - to validate your warranty and tech support needs
  3. Create a NaviExtras account - for when you need to update the HN7’s street mapping
  4. Install Hema Navigator Explorer on your Windows PC - allowing you to view 4WD maps, plot waypoints and routes and import or export all this plus track recordings to or from your HN7 all on your PC)
  5. Familiarise yourself with your HN7’s basic functions – The supplied Quick Start Guide can get you up and running in a few minutes
Hema Explorer app icon
Hema Explorer App
  1. Ensure your device has an in-built GPS receiver
  2. Purchase Hema Explorer directly from either Google Play or the Apple App Store on your mobile device or on a PC connected to your device’s marketplace account
  3. Open the app for the first time
  4. Embark on the app intro sequence: enable location services for Hema Explorer, create a Hema Explorer Cloud account and bulk download sections of the Hema Explorer Map

4WD Maps App
  1. Ensure your device has an in-built GPS receiver
  2. Purchase 4WD Maps directly from the Apple App Store on your mobile device or the PC connected to your device’s iTunes account
  3. Complete the app download and installation within a stable Wi-Fi connection, taking into account the app is a large download at 1.84GB
  4. The app download includes all maps, meaning once the initial app download is complete, setup is finalised
  5. Ensure you have Location Services enabled on your device

Combining devices while travelling

The differences in content, size and functionality between the Hema Navigator HN7 and Hema’s mobile navigation apps mean it’s not only possible to use both device types at the same time, but is often preferable.

Larger tablets like an iPad or the Nexus 10 offer screen real estate that makes interrogating a map simple, while their long battery life and portability make them ideal as both a campsite trip planner and a passenger seat navigation tool.

These factors complement the HN7, with its purpose-built design for in-car use and its content for navigating anywhere ensuring it remains the most powerful tool in your navigation arsenal once you’re on (or off) the road. Having two devices while you tour allows you to designate the HN7 to remain as the in-car navigator, while your smartphone or tablet can act as a freewheeling track recorder or touring guide for finding information that’s outside of the present moment’s navigation needs.


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