Gifting a Hema app for iPhone or iPad

Give the gift of adventure without going into a store with an app from Hema Maps.

Give the gift of adventure with a GPS navigation app from Hema Maps, which you can buy from the Apple App Store and have digitally delivered to someone on a specific day.  

How to gift an app

1. Search for Hema Maps on the App Store, either on desktop or within the App Store app on a mobile device, and choose between Hema Explorer and 4WD Maps in the search results.

2. Tap the Share icon from the upper right-hand side on mobile devices, or from the drop-down menu under the app icon on desktop.

Step 1

3. Select the Gift icon on a mobile device, or Gift This App on a desktop.

Step 2

After tapping the Share icon, tap the Gift icon to continue.

4. Enter the email of the person you are gifting the app to (make sure this is the email attached to their iTunes Account), as well as your name and a quick message that will accompany the app.

Step 3

Enter your details, the recipient's details and a personal message to your gift.

5. Choose a date to send the app, and then tap Next.

Step 4

Pick a day to have your gifted app delivered.

6. Select a Theme for your gift to personalise it.

7. Confirm your purchase by tapping Buy to Confirm on a mobile device or Buy Gift on a desktop.

8. The gift will be sent to the recipient’s email on the day of your choosing. To download the app, tap the Redeem link within the email on the mobile device or desktop that the iTunes Account is attached to.

Choose an app to get started: