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  • How I Scored A Seat On Hema's Map Patrol

    Posted on: 30/10/19

     hema map patrol 4wd

    Sitting in the hot-seat of a Hema truck, 4WDing for a living, might seem like the dream job, but what does the mapping work actually involve on a day-to-day level? And what does it take to score the gig?

  • Lakefield National Park, Queensland

    Posted on: 09/10/19

     lakefield national park

    More than just a detour on the way to The Tip, Lakefield National Park is the most accessible park on the Cape York Peninsula and a destination in its own right.

  • Boodjamulla (Lawn Hill) National Park, QLD

    Posted on: 01/08/17

    Boodjamulla National Park Queensland

    Situated in Queensland's dusty north-west highlands is Boodjamulla (Lawn Hill) National Park, a lush oasis that boasts a range of scenic highlights and opportunities for off-road exploration.

  • Moreton Island, QLD

    Posted on: 15/06/17

    Sunrise on Moreton Island

    Moreton Island offers something unique among the sandy 4WD and camping destinations close to Brisbane, making it one of the best off-road destinations in South East Queensland.

  • Cooloola Coast - QLD

    Posted on: 26/04/17

    Cooloola Coast Double Island Point

    Extending from Noosa to Rainbow Beach in Queensland's southeast, the Cooloola Coast is a pristine coastal wilderness made for hikers and four-wheel drivers.

  • North Stradbroke Island - QLD

    Posted on: 12/01/17

    North Stradbroke Island beach drive South East Queensland

    North Stradbroke Island is an idyllic beach paradise with pristine wilderness areas and charming pockets of civilisation to enjoy.

  • Sundown National Park - SE QLD

    Posted on: 17/10/14

    Sundown Road is notoriously rough, rocky and steep.

    Sundown National Park is a remote and rocky four-wheel driver’s paradise, filled with challenging tracks and deep gorges waiting to be explored.

  • Conondale National Park - SE QLD

    Posted on: 31/07/14

    Conondale National Park is part of the Conondale Range, which in itself is a section of the 3500km long Great Dividing Range

    A lush scenic escape close to Brisbane, Conondale National Park’s mix of natural attractions and idyllic campgrounds make it a perfect weekend destination.

  • Main Range National Park - SE QLD

    Posted on: 01/05/13

    Main Range NP escarpment

    Take a peek back in time with a visit to Main Range National Park, a rolling mountain range with direct links to the ancient rainforests of Gondwana.