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  • Grampians National Park, VIC

    Posted on: 21/09/17

    Grampians National Park

    Grampians National Park is a green wilderness of abrupt sandstone ranges west of Victoria, which travellers can dive into by way of countless tracks, trails and places to stay in and around the park.

  • Murray-Sunset National Park, VIC

    Posted on: 29/06/17

    Murray-Sunset National Park

    Lying in Victoria's northwest corner is Murray-Sunset National Park, an untouched semi-arid wilderness known for its low-lying Outback landscapes and entrancing pink lakes.

  • Hattah-Kulkyne National Park, VIC

    Posted on: 29/06/17

    Hattah-Kulkyne National Park river front

    Situated in the the thick of Victoria's semi-arid Mallee country, Hattah-Kulkyne National Park features classic Outback scenery interrupted by a variety of shallow lakes and the winding course of the iconic Murray River.

  • Otway Ranges: Great Otway National Park - VIC

    Posted on: 12/01/17

    The Otway Ranges is one of Victoria's greatest natural assets, with waterfalls and other scenic attractions for all explorers to enjoy.

    Situated next to one of Australia’s most iconic drives, the Otway Ranges is a lush hinterland with natural riches and adventure activities to captivate all-comers.