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  • 5 Simple Tips for Amazing Landscape Photos

    Posted on: 18/03/17

    Landscape photo composition tips

    Photographing your travels is the perfect way to document your adventures, but the end result often differs from what you saw through your own eyes. Use these composition tips next time you’re travelling to instantly improve the photos you’re taking.

  • How to Find Secret Travel Spots

    Posted on: 18/01/17

    How to find secret travel spots

    Want to escape the beaten track and find elbow room at little-known campsites where the views are your own? With a bit of poking around, you too can break out from the pack and discover your own secret slice of Australia.

  • Improving Road Safety When Driving at Night

    Posted on: 17/01/17

    Driving at dusk

    Night-time driving presents a whole new gamut of challenges to road travellers including decreased visibility, reduced time to react, potential roadside obstacles and driver fatigue.

  • Keeping Your 4WD Legal

    Posted on: 15/12/16

    Keeping your 4WD legal

    Owning a 4WD allows you to see some of the most spectacular parts of Australia. You can modify it to suit your requirements and make travelling even more enjoyable, but it’s worth taking the time to make sure your 4WD is legal.

  • What to Do When You Breakdown in the Outback

    Posted on: 21/11/16

    Map Patrol in the Outback

    Having a vehicular breakdown on the highway is an annoyance, but breaking down in the Outback can be fatal. Be prepared for the unexpected next time you breakdown off the beaten track with these insightful tips.

  • Educating Kids on the Road

    Posted on: 14/11/16

    Educating on the road

    Many families avoid long-term travel while their kids are young or in school, but Melissa from This Is Our Australia believes more parents should buck the trend and teach their kids while they travel.

  • The 10 Irrefutable Laws of 4x4

    Posted on: 06/10/16

    Irrefutable laws of 4x4The off-road world is a wide and varied one, but there are some universal laws of 4x4 that no four-wheel driver can argue with.

  • 7 Essentials for Serious Four-Wheel Drivers

    Posted on: 18/04/16

    7 Essentials for the Serious 4WDer

    There are plenty of nice-to-have bits of kit to use off the beaten track, but for anyone who wants to call themselves a serious four-wheel driver, these are the real essentials.

  • The Off-Road Gear You Do And Don't Need

    Posted on: 04/04/16

    Knowing which gear you do and don't need

    With all kinds of 4x4 accessories and off-road gear available to travellers these days, which pieces of gear are the real essentials and which ones are not worth the investment?

  • 10 Tips for Desert Driving

    Posted on: 19/11/15

    Desert driving techniques for the Australian Outback

    The desert is home to harsh terrain seen nowhere else in Australia, so it's important to know what conditions to expect and how to negotiate them.