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  • Navigating with Paper and Compass

    Posted on: 17/12/19


    Hone your navigation skills with a compass and map!

  • Cooking Your Catch

    Posted on: 12/12/19


    A life around fish has left Julian Pepperell with quite the culinary skillset, and lucky for us he's more than happy to share what he knows.

  • Six Common 4WD Misconceptions

    Posted on: 25/10/19

    intro 4wd mistakes

    As much as we like to think we're that little bit smarter than average, it never hurts to brush up on some of the common mistakes people make just to be on the safe side. The majority of simple mistakes in four-wheel driving come from two things; first, failure to adapt to the situation and second, overconfidence. 

  • Best Car Camping Tents: Where To Sleep

    Posted on: 08/10/19

     rooftop tent 

    Where you choose to sleep is one of the biggest considerations when you're heading on a big trip. Depending on the degree to which you're willing to rough it, your decision will be guided by other factors, such as price, storage space and weight.


  • Top 5 Modern 4WD Electronic Driving Aids

    Posted on: 19/09/19

     Driving Aids

    When it comes to occasional off-roading, weekends at the ski resort, towing and outback track touring, these electronic conveniences will dramatically improve your experience.  Before heading out on any serious adventures, find out what electronic aids your vehicle has, what they do and when and how to use them. 

  • The Great 4WD Debate Between Petrol and Diesel

    Posted on: 28/08/19

    The debate surrounding the merits of petrol and diesel engines has been raging for decades. Diesel engines are often lauded as the best choice due to their ability to generate high low-end torque and effective engine braking, but there’s much more to it than that.

  • All You Need to Know About Different Types of 4WD

    Posted on: 22/08/19


    All-wheel and four-wheel drive vehicles are not all created equal. Their vastly distinct capabilities stem from purpose-driven design cues that cater to a variety of purposes and a range of users.

  • The Best of #HemaMaps, June 2019

    Posted on: 08/07/19

    best of hema

    We want to see the adventures you're taking with #HemaMaps and we want to share a few of our favourites.

  • Towing Weights Explained with Rules and Regulations

    Posted on: 18/06/19

    snow tow

    Weight is a massively important consideration when towing, we simply cannot over-emphasise the gravity of the matter. It may not be something you've had to consider in the past, but every tow-vehicle and trailer are subject to weight limits – camper and vehicle manufacturers perform extensive testing to establish these limits.

  • Hema's Guide To Towing Off Road

    Posted on: 12/04/19

    Towing off-road 

    Once you veer off the black-top and reach the end of the graded-gravel roads, obstacles are made all the more challenging with a trailer in tow.