Trip Preparation

Trip Preparation

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  • Can I have a campfire?

    Posted on: 14/09/18


    Discover where and when you can legally have a campfire when camping in Australia.

  • Top 5 emergency survival items

    Posted on: 30/08/18

    First aid kit

    These top five survival items will help to get you safely through the most common emergency situations.

  • Biggest 4WD Vehicle Recovery Myths

    Posted on: 20/08/18

    Snatch strap recovery

    Avoid the fake news and head offroad with confidence after busting these common 4WD recovery myths
  • How to Plan a One-Month Trip in One Day

    Posted on: 30/05/18

    Planning trips for touring holidays

    Want to get the ball rolling on your next epic touring adventure? Stop dreaming and start packing with this crash course on planning a one-month trip in a day.

  • The Basic 4WD Vehicle Inspection Checklist

    Posted on: 01/05/18

    Basic 4WD vehicle inspection

    Stay safe while you’re travelling and find out how to inspect your four-wheel drive with our Map Patrol’s expert guide to vehicle inspections.

  • Can You Travel the Outback with Kids?

    Posted on: 30/06/17

    Family outback travel

    The Outback is home to many of Australia’s most iconic journeys and destinations, but traversing it with a family can be incredibly daunting. Head into Australia’s arid centre with confidence using these proven tips for travelling the Outback with kids.

  • What You Need to Camp Without Facilities

    Posted on: 18/05/17

    What you need to go camping without facilities

    Staying at campsites without facilities - or bush camping as it’s known in Australia - are often the most remote, beautiful and memorable camping experiences you can have, but they require specific gear to keep you self-sufficient.

  • The 10 Most Underrated Camping Accessories

    Posted on: 04/04/17

    Underrated camping gear

    The best camping equipment is often the items you are most likely to overlook, so make sure you’re a happy camper with this list of the most underrated camping gear.

  • Is Your Vehicle Road Trip Ready?

    Posted on: 24/01/17

    Preparing your vehicle for a road trip

    Whether you're heading on an interstate road trip or an extended off-road adventure, these vehicle prep tips will ensure you have a safer and happier journey.

  • Essential Camping Equipment Checklist

    Posted on: 16/01/17

    Camping Equipment

    Next time you are planning a camping trip, use this master camping checklist before you head off to ensure that you don’t forget anything.