Trip Preparation

Trip Preparation

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  • 5 Tips for Packing a 4WD

    Posted on: 21/10/13

    Some useful advice for packing a 4WD for an off-road adventure.

    Maximise cargo accessibility, safety, and time on the road with these 4WD vehicle-packing tips to simplify trip preparation. 

  • Preparing for a Long Trip

    Posted on: 07/08/13

    Preparing for a long off-road trip is vastly different from a two-week travel holiday.

    Preparing for a longer trip is vastly different to preparing for a two-week holiday, so some veterans of the travel lifestyle are here to offer some advice to help you plan less and travel more for a big adventure.

  • Top Outback Vehicle Preparation Tips

    Posted on: 02/05/13

    Desert banner

    Australia’s arid regions are exciting but harsh, so preparing yourself is key to a safe and hassle-free trip. A big part of that is preparing your vehicle to handle the many things that the desert will throw at you, and trust us, it can be a lot.