Trip Preparation

Trip Preparation

Empower your adventurous side
  • Preparing for the Outback

    Posted on: 30/04/20

      Outback main

    The Outback is a special place for us 4WDers. At first glance nothing but salt bush and dust paints the landscape, so you could be forgiven for thinking there’s nothing out there.

  • How to choose and install aftermarket driving lights

    Posted on: 16/04/20

    Lights main 

    Most 4WDers opt to brighten up the path with aftermarket lighting. 4WD guru Steve Cassano runs you through how to choose the right lights and install them yourself, by decking out his Jeep Wrangler with a pair of Lightforce Striker Lights.

  • Hema Maps In Outdoor Magazine

    Posted on: 26/03/20


    The desire to map stems from a yearning for wisdom, a desire to banish uncertainty, that has existed since the dawn of mankind.

  • Snatch Straps Explained

    Posted on: 13/03/20

     In the right hands, snatch straps are a clever and effective way to help a stricken vehicle.

  • Zone Ultimate Expedition Vehicle

    Posted on: 10/03/20


    If you love your 4WD’s, just like us, then you will love this LC79 dual cab that has been decked to the gills with all sorts of accessories. The beast has a name — ZUEV, short for Zone Ultimate Expedition Vehicle. Best of all, you can have one too. We caught up with owner Matt from Zone RV to tell us all about it.

  • Launching and Retrieving

    Posted on: 27/02/20



    As good as that Quintrex might look sitting out on your front lawn, it won't be long before it's time to set it adrift. Though every boat and trailer differ in the detail, the basic principles of launching are straight forward. A suburban boat ramp can be a crazy place on a Saturday morning, and when your turn comes to back up and slip it in, it's always best to have some idea of what you're about to do.

  • Off-Road Modifications

    Posted on: 20/02/20

    Factory-fitted features are fine for most four-wheel drivers, but there are plenty of add-ons for those who want to push even harder.