Cape York, QLD, Australia

Cape York is a ‘must-do’ destination for those who are really serious about exploring what Australia has to offer.

Cape York covers a large part of North Queensland with varying topography. It extends from the Tip (most northern point) following the Coral Sea southward to Cairns in the east and follows the Gulf of Carpentaria to Gilbert River in west. Along the east coast you will encounter narrow belts of rugged hills, patches of rainforests and huge sand dunes, while along the west coast there are wide plains drained by numerous rivers and creeks which flood during the rainy season in summer.

It’s not just about getting to The Tip of the Cape York Peninsula but the numerous adventures and experiences you will have getting there - depending on how much time you have to explore. Just a few detours from the straight drive from Cairns to The Tip will make your Cape York trip a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Cape York 4WD Tracks

Cape York, Old Telegraph Track

Discover the best places to explore off-road in Cape York with detailed 4WD track guides such as the CREB Track, Old Telegraph Track, Frenchmans Track and more.

Cape York Attractions

Eliot Falls, Cape York

Cape York offers a diverse range of highlights, with a number of iconic places and things to do to personalise your Cape York experience.


Vehicle Preparation

Inflating Tyres

Cape York can be a challenging off-road adventure, which means it requires proper vehicle preparation and the right gear to experience its furthest reaches.

When to Go

CREB Track open

Learn when the best time to go to Cape York is and how to avoid the crowds as you explore this seasonal off-road destination.

Hiking & Bushwalking

Walking Trail

While it's better known for it's four-wheel driving, Cape York's tropical rainforest and plethora of iconic attractions make it an attractive region to explore on foot.

Safety Precautions

Crocodile Safety Sign

Be aware of the potential dangers specific to Cape York with our safety guide for one of Australia's wildest off-road areas.

Gold & Gem Prospecting

Panning for Gold

Cape York is a resource-rich area, making it popular among prospectors looking to strike it rich in tropical North Queensland.



Learn about the hottest places to put a line in the water with our comprehensive Cape York fishing guide.