Attractions & Things To Do in Cape York

Cape York Attractions

Cape York offers a diverse range of highlights and there are a number of ‘must-see’ and ‘must-do’ places to personalise your Cape York experience.

The Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef

Go diving, snorkelling or take a glass-bottom boat trip to marvel at the richness of the sea life on offer in the Great Barrier Reef, which is both the largest coral reef in the world and the largest structure made by living organisms.

The Daintree

Daintree Rainforest

Visit the World Heritage Daintree rainforest, which features the incredible Cape Tribulation and Daintree Discovery Centre canopy boardwalks that allow travellers to explore Australia's largest continuous area of rainforest.

The Tip of Australia

The Tip sign Cape York

The end point of countless epic journeys to the northernmost tip of the Australian mainland, the Tip is a rewarding checkpoint for anyone travelling off the beaten track in Cape York (there are also plenty of things to do on the east Tip and west Tip).

Chili Beach

Chili Beach Cape York

On the eastern side of Kutini-Payamu (Iron Range) National Park is Chili Beach, an open tropical beach and campground location that's a worthwhile side trip on any Cape York adventure.

Torres Strait

Thursday Island, Torres Strait

Head off from the mainland and spend some time discovering the brilliant turquoise waters of Thursday and Horn Islands to get to the heart of the Torres Strait.

Chillagoe Caves

Chillagoe Caves

Just 215km west of Cairns are Chillagoe Caves, which contain ancient underground limestone caverns and passages home to spectacularly unique stalactites, stalagmites and flowstones.

Eliot Falls

Eliot Falls, Cape York

One of the most picturesque waterfalls in Cape York, Eliot Falls is a worthwhile detour off the famed Old Telegraph Track.

Fruit Bat Falls

Fruit Bat Falls, Cape York

The single-tiered flow of Fruit Bat Falls is an idyllic place to stop, have a swim and relax in the midst of an unforgettable Cape York adventure along the Old Telegraph Track.

Ussher Point Cliffs

Ussher Point Cliffs

Marvel at the bauxite cliffs of Ussher Point, a remote location on the eastern side of Cape York which delivers stunning ocean views as you stand on the edge of Jardine River Regional Park.

Frangipani Beach

Fragipani Beach, Cape York

Adjacent to The Tip is Frangipani Beach, a crescent of stunning riparian scenery fringed by white sand and electric blue waters that can be seen from the walk to the northernmost tip of Australia. 

Hidden Waterfall, Sam Creek

Hidden Waterfall, Sam Creek

Near Sam Creek on the Old Telegraph Track is a hidden waterfall that delights those who come across it.

Twin Falls

Twin Falls, Cape York

One of the most iconic sights in the region, Twin Falls is a multi-tiered waterfall that flows with clear waters that are synonymous with Cape York.

Grassy Hill Lookout

Grassy Hill Lookout

Get a 360˚ view over Cooktown and the Endeavour River from the Grassy Hill Lookout, which is a must-visit spot before heading further north into the wilderness that is Cape York.

Wonga Beach

Wonga Beach

Enjoy quiet coastline at Wonga Beach just north of Cairns on North Queensland's tropical coast.

Split Rock, Laura

Split Rock, Laura

Immerse yourself in the Aboriginal rock art at the Split Rock site in Laura, which is categorised by UNESCO as one of the 10 most significant rock art sites in the world.

Old Laura Homestead

Old Laura Homestead

Discover the rich history of The Old Laura Homestead, a heritage-listed property that gives travellers an insight into the region's past.

Punsand Bay

Punsand Bay

Enjoy the solitude of Punsand Bay, a beachside destination west of the Tip that offers camping and tropical coastline for travellers to enjoy.

World War II Plane Wrecks

World War II Plane Wreckage, Bamaga

Marvel at the wreckages of a DC3 and Beaufort Bomber from plane crashes during World War II near Bamaga.

Dulhunty River

Dulhunty River

A relatively shallow water crossing on the Old Telegraph Track, the Dulhunty River is the source of clear flowing waters that make for lush surrounds and picturesque scenery.

Secluded Beach, Cape Weymouth

Cape Weymouth

Find secluded beaches at Cape Weymouth at the end of a rugged sandy track, which lies north of Chili Beach just outside of Kutini-Payamu (Iron Range) National Park.

Portland Roads

Portland Roads Fishing Village

Visit the tiny fishing village of Portland Roads, whose secluded tropical beaches and surrounding natural beauty can be reached by 

Quintel Beach

Quintel Beach

Head to Quintel Beach, just a short drive from the Lockhart River, to soak in a slice of Cape York's coastal beauty.

Beaches at Weipa

Weipa Beach

While swimming is a no-no at Weipa's beaches, there are plenty of pursuable sights and activities available on the beachfront of central Cape York's largest town.

Mutee Head

Mutee Head

A serene coastal destination that can be reached by 4WD, Mutee Head has pastoral, Aboriginal and WWII history entangled within its pristine beaches and riparian environs.