Trip Preparation

Trip Preparation

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  • The 10 Most Underrated Camping Accessories

    Posted on: 04/04/17

    Underrated camping gear

    The best camping equipment is often the items you are most likely to overlook, so make sure you’re a happy camper with this list of the most underrated camping gear.

  • Is Your Vehicle Road Trip Ready?

    Posted on: 24/01/17

    Preparing your vehicle for a road trip

    Whether you're heading on an interstate road trip or an extended off-road adventure, these vehicle prep tips will ensure you have a safer and happier journey.

  • Essential Camping Equipment Checklist

    Posted on: 16/01/17

    Camping Equipment

    Next time you are planning a camping trip, use this master camping checklist before you head off to ensure that you don’t forget anything.

  • How To Live On The Road

    Posted on: 01/09/16

    This Is Our Australia how to live on the roadWe asked a family who are travelling Australia to pass on their best advice for anyone who is looking to travel long-term.

  • 4WD Driving Lights: Halogen vs HID vs LED

    Posted on: 26/11/14

    Proper driving lights are an important 4WD accessory for serious tourers in remote areas.

    When you manage to get away from the big smoke to go four-wheel driving and camping, purpose-built spot lights become an important resource.

  • 3 Ways to Get Off-Road More Often

    Posted on: 18/07/14

    How to get out more

    Avoid the excuses about why you don’t camp and tour off-road as much as you’d like with these practical tips to help you get out more often.

  • Preparing Yourself for Fraser Island

    Posted on: 16/07/14

    Fraser beach run

    Fraser Island’s seclusion from the mainland makes it a four-wheel drive entity in its own right, so what do you need to do to be ready for the world’s largest sand island?

  • How to Cross the Simpson Desert

    Posted on: 26/02/14

    Simpson Desert crossing

    The Simpson Desert is close to the collective hearts of explorers all over Australia, its history and notoriety making it a golden reference on the resume' of any four-wheel driver.

  • How to Budget for Your Next Adventure

    Posted on: 04/02/14

    Take the sting out of making a budget and maximise the worth of your travel funds with these expert travel budgeting tips for your next road trip.

    Budgeting is the step most explorers would rather not take when it comes to preparing for that next big adventure. Take the sting out of making a budget and maximise the worth of your travel funds with these expert travel budgeting tips for your next trip. 

  • 5 Tips for Packing a 4WD

    Posted on: 21/10/13

    Some useful advice for packing a 4WD for an off-road adventure.

    Maximise cargo accessibility, safety, and time on the road with these 4WD vehicle-packing tips to simplify trip preparation.