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Hema HX-1 Navigator Drive Navigation

Drive Mode (Street)


Find a place to stay

6000+ free and low-cost campsites and caravan parks from Camps Australia Wide and Caravans Australia Wide, including 2300+ campsite photos.


Don't miss a turn

Turn-by-turn navigation ensures you will not miss important turns on your journey.


Let us guide you

Voice guidance lets you focus on the journey at hand with audible directions.


Stay in the best lane

Visual lane guidance will show you which lane you need to be in at specific times.


Avoid fines

Be alerted when approaching a speed camera or red light camera as you drive.


Be alerted

Timed school zone alerts ensures you enter school zones at the correct speed and are aware that school children may be walking.


Understand where you are

Buildings and landmarks are displayed on the screen in 3D as you drive.


Get help fast

Help Nearby assists you in locating services that you require quickly with a prefiltered list such as hospitals and mechanics.

Hema HX-1 Navigator Explore Navigation

Explore Mode (Off-road)


Discover new places

Access over 40,000+ Hema-verified points of interest including campsites, caravan parks, lookouts, historical sites, roadhouses, waterfalls and more.


Explore off-road

Over 1,200,000km of 4WD tracks and outback roads to explore across Australia.


Know what you're up against

Track classifications lets you know the difficulty of a track before attempting it.


Plan your trip

Create multi-point routes to each destination for your entire journey, start to finish.


Record your journey

Record the path your vehicle follows as you travel off-road, known as a Track Log or Breadcrumb Trail.


Tap into our premium map collection

Award-winning Hema Australia-wide off-road maps, Cape York, Fraser Island, The Kimberley, High Country Victoria, Desert Tracks, Topographic mapping.


Remember important locations

Mark locations on the map using waypoints to find your way back to that spot in the future.


Search for places and locations

Find a location (such as Ayers Rock) by searching for it by name which will then be displayed on the map.



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"When it comes to caravanning in Australia, the Hema HX-1 Navigator is hard to beat" - RACQ


Australia’s best adventure mapping

To help you find Australia’s best tracks, trails and places off the beaten track, the HX-1 features the revolutionary Hema Explorer Map. Combining 1,200,000km of 4WD tracks and outback roads with vital topographic information like contour lines and detailed river network data, as well as walking trails, symbolised track difficulty classifications and more, your dream adventure is waiting for you on the Hema Explorer Map.

In addition to the Hema Explorer Map, the HX-1 also comes with a wide range of map sources to download and use on your next adventure. This list includes digitised Hema touring maps for Cape York, Fraser Island, the Kimberley, High Country Victoria and our iconic Great Desert Tracks maps, additional Hema base maps, state government topographic maps (QLD, NSW, TAS, VIC, SA), as well as HERE Street and Terrain mapping.

Find campsites & caravan parks

Discover over 45,000 campsites, caravan parks and other points of interest (POI) across Australia with the HX-1. Drive mode features over 6,000 POI from Camps Australia Wide and Caravan Parks Australia Wide - Australia’s most comprehensive directories for free and low-cost camps across Australia. Each point of interest contains insightful details like pet-friendliness and mobile phone reception, while integrated Camps Snaps site images give you a visual preview of your destination, allowing you to find the perfect spot to stay for the night.

The HX-1 also features over 40,000 Hema-verified points of interest for explorers in Drive & Explore mode, which covers everything from campsites and caravan parks to rest areas, roadhouses, 24-hour fuel, lookouts, mechanical repairs, historical points and much more.


Navigation made easy

Navigate confidently throughout Australia and New Zealand with precise turn-by-turn voice guidance to addresses, points of interest and coordinates in Drive mode. Drive mode delivers the latest HERE navigation data for driving around town and Hema track data for exploring places off the beaten track, as well as visual lane guidance and alerts including red light and speed cameras, timed school zones and more. Packaged with 3 years of free map updates to keep you exploring, Drive mode makes the HX-1 a powerful street navigator with the added bonus of 4WD and unsealed road data from Hema.

A powerful touring machine

The HX-1 features a large 7-inch multi-touch screen with a bright 1024x600 pixel display, which is reinforced with a tempered glass screen protector for added durability. A powerful 1GB RAM makes the HX-1 impressively fast, while a 5000mAh battery will keep you exploring for up to 6 hours off charge with continuous use. On the reverse is a 5-megapixel camera, which allows you to capture your adventure with geotagged photos and video up to 480p at 15 frames per second. Meanwhile, the HX-1’s Wi-Fi connectivity makes downloading additional maps, content and device updates quick and easy, so you can spend less time indoors and more time exploring off the beaten track.

Share with other explorers

Quickly and easily share your trips online with friends, family and other Hema users with the HX-1. Connect to Wi-Fi to upload your latest adventure to your personal Hema Explorer Cloud account, which you can then share on social media, send as a URL or post to our online trip gallery, where it will be seen by other explorers from all around the world. You can even browse and download other people’s tracks, which you can then take with you offline to guide you on your next adventure.

Powerful trip recording tools

Capture your adventures as they happen with the HX-1’s intuitive trip recording tools. Save your track while you navigate, drop a waypoint to mark that hidden campsite you found, and take geotagged photos and video of the best parts of your trip with the HX-1’s 5-megapixel camera.


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"Without a doubt the best sat-nav system I have used, both on- and off-road" - 4x4 Australia


Go beyond the basic in-dash or aftermarket GPS. The Hema HX-1 plugs you into Australia like no other. Join the Hema experience today.

Drive Screenshots

HX-1 Drive Routing
Drive Junction View
Drive Caravan Search
HX-1 3D Buildings

Explore Screenshots

Explore Track Recording
Explore 4WD Classifications
Explore Search POI
Explore GPS Lock Centered

HX-1 Specifications


Unit Dimensions, WxHxD: 187mm x 115mm x 17mm
Display size: 7" diag (17.7 cm)
Display resolution: 1024 x 600
Screen: 5-point capacitive touch panel with polarisation cancelling tempered glass screen protector
Battery: 5000mAh Lithium Polymer rechargeable
Battery life: 5+  hours off charge with continuous use, depending on settings
Connections: 3.5mm stereo jack, microSD card slot, Mini USB
External audio 8Ω, 1.5W speaker, microphone
Buttons: Power button
Camera: 5-megapixel rear-facing
Processor: MediaTek MT8127 Quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 MPCore, 1.3GHZ, GPU: Mali-450 MP2
Operating System: Android 4.4
Warranty: 12 month warranty (conditions apply)

System Memory

Internal memory: 16GB
Expandable memory: Accepts microSD up to 32GB


USB: Mini USB 2.0 data and charge
Bluetooth: Bluetooth 3.0 HS, Bluetooth 4.0 LE
Wireless: IEEE 802.11/b/g/n
GPS MT6627, 22 channels tracking

Drive mode

Preloaded Maps: Australia & New Zealand mapping
Data providers: HERE road data & Hema track data
Map Updates: 3 years free
Navigation: Turn-by-turn voice guidance
Warnings & Alerts: Red light cameras, speed cameras, timed school zones, speed warnings
Visual guidance: Lane guidance, 3D buildings & landmarks
Points of interest 6000+ Camps Australia Wide & Caravan Parks Australia Wide, 40,000+ Hema-verified POI, HERE POI
Trip recording Record track logs, mark & save locations

Explore mode

Preloaded maps:

- Hema Explorer Map (1:18M - 1:150,000) Australia-wide multi-scale topographic mapping 
- Digitised Hema touring maps: Cape York, Fraser Island, the Kimberley, High Country Victoria, Great Desert Tracks map series

Maps available for free download: - Hema Explorer Map (1:72,000 - 1:9,000) Australia-wide multi-scale topographic mapping
- HERE map sources: HERE Satellite/Aerial Imagery (not available for download) HERE Street, HERE Terrain
- State government topographic maps: New South Wales, Queensland, Tasmania, Victoria, South Australia
- Geoscience Australia 1:250k map
Map updates: Free for the life of the unit
Points of interest: 40,000+ Hema-verified POI (accommodation, campsites, caravan parks, dump points, wineries, lookouts, picnic areas, rest areas, toilets, water points, boat ramps, emergency telephones, mechanical repairs, medical facilities, police stations, post offices, public telephones, parks & wildlife, ranger stations, visitor centres, historical points, 24-hour fuel, general stores, roadhouses)
Trip monitoring: Real-time location tracking & heading
Trip recording: Record track logs, drop & save waypoints, capture geotagged photos & videos, write trip notes
Trip sharing: Sync trip data to your online Hema Explorer Cloud account
Routing: - Generate route lines to addresses and Hema POI
- Manually plot point-by-point routes
Tools: - Location-based weather forecasts
- Map-overlaid rain radar

Package includes:

HX-1 Navigator Device
12V/24V 2A Car Charger
HX-1 Cradle
USB Cable
HX-1 Windscreen Mount
Quick Start Guide
Soft Pouch


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"Simple and easy to use" - Behind The Wheel
"There is no one else out there regularly mapping and checking outback tracks for accuracy like HEMA" - All Terrain