The Kimberley, WA, Australia

Regarded by many as the most beautiful part of Australia, the remote and sparsely populated Kimberley has an allure and mystique that adventurous travellers find hard to resist.

The Kimberley is the most northern region of Western Australia and covers an area of 423,517 square kilometres. It is bordered by Northern Territory to the east, Great Sandy Desert to the south, Indian Ocean to the west and Timor Sea to the north.

One of the region's most notable qualities is its diversity of landforms and habitat types. The north features jagged, steep red rock mountain ranges, impressive limestone and sandstone gorges as well as red dirt that covers much of the Kimberley's rugged heart. The Kimberley's northern coast is defined by its tall cliffs and white sandy beaches but the coastline becomes flatter when travelling to the Dampier Peninsula.

The Kimberley is a long way from anywhere - including Perth - but it's well worth the long drive.

Kimberley 4WD Tracks

Kimberley 4WD

Discover what is like to drive the iconic Gibb River Road as well as a multitude of side tracks and roads that will allow you to discover amazing destinations along the way.

Kimberley Attractions

Kimberley Attractions

As one of the world's largest and most diverse off-road regions, the Kimberley delivers adventure travellers an endless supply of amazing locations to discover.

Trip & Vehicle Preparation

Kimberley Preparation

Learn how to properly prepare for your Kimberley adventure.

When to Go


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Hiking & Bushwalking

Kimberley Hiking

Discover the many hiking and walking trails scattered throughout the region.

Safety Precautions

Kimberley Safety Warning

Stay safe during your adventure with these safety tips and precautions.


Kimberley Fishing

Have a memorable fishing experience while in The Kimberleys.

Camping & Caravan Parks

Camping in the Kimberley coast

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